Private Reiki Session

Private Reiki Session

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Private Reiki Session

Nana’s Reiki is pure Art, Love and Magic

At the beginning of a Reiki session, Nana will scan your Energy Field and your Chakras to see which areas need special attention, then the complete body and Prana work will begin.

Transferring the Universal Life Force through her hands, she will increase your vital energy, restoring the quality of your health, emotion and even modes of thinking.

At the end of a session, your mind will feel calm, as if you have been taking a vacation that will expand your inner awareness and promote transformation and growth.

  • Good Health
  • Creativity
  • Dynamism
  • Spirituality

These are the focus points of a Reiki session that will help you attain the balance you need for your Total Well Being.


Reiki Session
  • 90 min private Reiki session (save 2 hours, recommended): $250.
  • Package of three 2 hours sessions (to use in 2 months) $700.
  • 60 min Reiki session: $225.

After booking your appointment with

Save it by sending your payment with ChaseQuickPay, Venmo (@Nana-Deleplanque), Square (add $3.5% per transaction) or PayPal (as a friend). Session are non refundable if cancel less than 48 hours in advance


Distance Reiki

Helping: People, Animals, Home, Land, Business, Souls who made their transition ….

  • Distance Reiki session: $60, package of 10 for $550.


Home, Land or Business Harmonization and Energy Clearing

Price depending of space ($350+)


Phone Coaching

30min: $70 – 60min: $125


Tarot Reading

By Phone: 30min: $75 – At the office or by Skype 50min: $135


Office available for rental

Feel free to email for information