Workshop Two – Reiki 2 Certification

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Reiki Workshop Two In New York City You who typically move forward to the second degree Reiki program have done much work with the tools and information on contact healing provided by the first-degree course. You have made a commitment … Continued

Private Reiki Session

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Private Reiki Session Nana’s Reiki is pure Art, Love and Magic At the beginning of a Reiki session, Nana will scan your Energy Field and your Chakras to see which areas need special attention, then the complete body and Prana … Continued

Reiki Group and Continued Education – NYC Reiki Institute

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NYC Reiki Institute students only.  The topics range will depend of group interest. How to Work with: Clients, Extras Positions, Developing Intuition, Creative Imagery, Distance, Animals, Mother Earth… REIKI GROUP:  With Nana Deleplanque THURSDAY, JULY 9, 6:30PM, Zoom Meeting,  THURSDAY, AUGUST 6, 6:30PM, Zoom Meeting, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, … Continued

Free Reiki Session

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Once a month, the clinic offers  Free Reiki Session Reiki masters and practitioners from the New York City Reiki Institute will offer a free 20 minutes session. ONLINE  Next Clinic dates: THURSDAY, JULY 30, 7PM No reservation will be taken before July 23 . If you … Continued

Reiki Master – Master Certification

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Reiki Master Reiki Master is the teaching level for individuals considering Reiki as a way of being. This program is designed for those serious in committing time and energy to the services of others, our planet, and are willing to … Continued

Reiki Journey – Practice is the key

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When you give a Reiki session Use basic positions from Mrs Takata. Then, always trust your hands, the Reiki energy will guide you to the best positions. Practice is the key in Reiki, the more you practice the more you … Continued