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Five stars are not enough. Nana is truly exceptional and gifted. I have worked with Nana for 15 years, as both a client and a student. There is no one better. She embodies everything Reiki stands for and so much more. Karen Iocca

I am so grateful to have Nana as my Reiki instructor. I went into her class not knowing what to expect and came out feeling like I’d discovered a very special secret. Her exuberance is palpable and soulful style makes learning from her a true pleasure. She is not from this world–in the best way possible!
Christina Angelacos

What a magical weekend. Such incredible love and light from every single person there, couldn’t have imagined a more special experience! Reiki 1 certified! Big thank you to @nanadeleplanque@nycreikiinstitute 💕Kyra

Dear Nana, I immensely enjoyed your class! You are an AMAZING teacher! You made us feel so comfortable that in the second day I felt like I was home and with people I had knew for a long time. I have learned a lot during your class and I’ve got a motivation boost to continue on energy healing path. I will come back to you for the Reiki 2… Elżbieta

I just want to say Thank you to you one more time. 
I love the class so much. Lots of things to learn but your teaching style and sense of humors brought so much joy. Thinking of you makes me smile.I appreciate the gift that you shared to me, to us, to this world.
Reiki is beyond words to me. It is a spiritual feeling, spiritual connection, spiritual healing. I am glad to be able to connect with the high power.
I am thankful that you are my Master. Bo

Thank you, Nana. Reiki has brought so much magic to my life and I am so excited to share this with everyone! I am very grateful to have you as my teacher 🙏 Warmly, Petya 

Nana is legit the best out there!! I am certified reiki 1 through her and i will be back for reiki 2. She is patient, Hilarious!, warm, and open. Best of all she knows her Shit!! I am so grateful to have been able to be taught by the best!! Hands down. Epiphany A.

Thank you so much for everything, Nana. Your wisdom was everything I needed and I’m excited to practice. I actually did a 30m session on a client this morning and she loved it! I look forward to Reiki II and other opportunities to work with you! With Affection, Elish

It was a privilege to meet with you and walk my “first Reiki baby steps” under your guidance amidst a circle of trusting and beautiful women.
The weekend opened up a new dimension of perception.
Alexandra Hungerbühler

Thank you for Being present and opening us up to Reiki. This has made a difference in my life. Karen Cornell-Froehner

Nana is a very compassionate and knowledgeable teacher and healer with a great sense of humor.  I have taken Reiki I with her, as well as participated in a (free) Reiki Clinic and Workshop.  I love that she offers continuing training/education, and is available for questions/suggestions.  I would highly recommend NYC Reiki Institute to embark on your reiki journey. Anne Marie B

Dear Nana, I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the amazing weekend we spent in class… it has changed me. Again… thank you so much! Love, Cintia G.

Nana is an amazing Reiki master. I have been treated by her for many years and realized how much she had helped me. Her absent treatment are very efficient as well. I highly recommend Nana. Michele Fourmel

AMAZING! Book an appt with Nana ASAP, she’s a miracle worker! Ila Gold

I have known Nana for many years and she is the only one who is real, truly loving, creative, and fun. All of these set her apart, but most of all it’s her integrity. She is truly in a class by herself, as a teacher and a master. She’s not just gifted, Nana IS a gift. Her master certification is one of the best things I’ve ever done. She brings a wealth of love, experience, and knowledge to her teaching and each client session. It was truly an honor to learn from her. I wholeheartedly give her 5 stars. In fact, I would give her a whole galaxy of stars! Merci infiniment, Nana! Lori Quick

Nana is not only a very gifted and amazing reiki practitioner; she is a wonderful teacher! I began reiki 1 with her, and continued my reiki education with her to becoming a master. She has years of experience, is a vast resource of wisdom and knowledge, and is very warm, kind, and compassionate. I highly recommend Nana as a reiki instructor and practitioner. Samantha Brown

Des moments de partages inoubliables. Nous avons beaucoup appris. Un super groupe avec un maître de reiki exceptionnel. Nous avons beaucoup ri! Merci Nana pour ce super stage! Tania Escalier

Thank you so much for the amazing workshop Nana!It was so nice to meet you ladies and study with you. I hope that we see other again soon in Group Reiki etc.Well wishes to your Reiki journey and hope to stay in touch with you. Warmest regards, Nanse K

Nana is an incredible teacher. My first experience with her was the reiki 1 workshop which was a life changing experience. The Reiki institute is a safe place to learn and grow, under the warm guidance of Nana. This is a place where you apprehend Reiki with joy, intuitive discipline and a heightened sense of the ligneage you belong to. In other words, a beautiful haven. Ingrid R.

Great learning experience, easy to understand classes and teacher. Nana is authentic and loving. Charleric Lenglain

I took Reiki 1 and 2 and it was a wonderful experience! There is a lot of follow support on learning and a lot of events to practice you Reiki skills! I highly recommend taking your reiki certification here Nana is the real deal! Sarah Khedr

Nanna is a wonderful teacher and longtime reikie master, you can’t just not love her witty personality. Sabina Clason

Nana is a master of Western-style Reiki. Her integrity and light touch inform her concise and meticulous approach to teaching. She creates an atmosphere of deep acceptance and safety that is highly conducive to learning and transformation. Tom Major

Just did Reiki 1 certification with Nana, simply amazing. She ‘s funny, raw and no BS! Learning while having fun and receiving so much. Thank you Nana. Sarah Chapman

Last weekend I learned about Reiki from Nana and it was a beautiful experience. I am so glad I found her. She is funny and she knows what she is talking about and that makes her a great teacher! I want to keep learning and practicing Reiki and even living 2 hours from NYC I will for sure keep coming back to learn more from her. Patrícia Parra

Nana is an amazing REIKI MASTER and fun, charming, wonderful person. I LOVE her! My healing journey started with Nana’s guidance and I took Reiki1 in 2013, Reiki2 in 2015. She has patience, very supportive, warm heart and care about her student to keep growing forever. Then I finished REIKI MASTER training with her and received REIKI MASTER certification in May 2017. Also her session are always cook me out ; ) Yukino Ushimaru

With incredible enthusiasm from fellow Reiki practitioners and Reiki followers, I was introduced to Nana’s warm energy and affable nature – As I wanted to hone my skills with energy work on animals, I recently followed Nana’s courses on Reiki I and Reiki II. I highly recommend either personally in her therapy or following your instinctive energy gifts, Nana will guide you to use these gifts with her precise, detailed techniques that can be used in both in everyday life and or with your own personal goals. Thank You Nana. Paul Robinson

Thanks you for your kindness and understanding, the years have flow by.Your healing therapies live with me everyday. Your warmth has initiated an inner joy in me, an inner laughter that allows me to chalenges and pursue my souls passions. I know that you are a very special being, I am grateful to have meet you. Sandro R.

Nana is really a blessing. She is an amazing Reiki Master/ Practitioner and a wonderful person. She has a great amount of knowledge which she passes on with a lot of love and humor. She deeply cares about her students and clients which can be felt in every encounter.
I am truly fortunate to have met her! Ilka Werner

Nana is extraordinary. She has given me so much and taught me so much! I have recommended her to many friends, and they all agree that she’s amazing. A wonderful healer, a wonderful person! Marcia Menter

Nana is the real deal. She’s got a great talent for reiki and a great sense of humor. She’s also a really kind teacher. Georgia Andrews

Simply put, Nana is the best of the best! Would Fly to see her if needed♥ Laur Moore

Nana Delaplanque is an exceptional person, her passion for reiki; her healing hands and heart make NYC Reiki Institute a go to for me. Mary Vetri

She is an amazing REIKI MASTER and fun, charming, wonderful person. I LOVE her! She has patience, very supportive and care about her student to keep growing forever. I finished REIKI MASTER training with her and received REIKI MASTER certification in May 2017 from her. Also her session are always cook me out ; ) Yukino Ushimaru

Nana and Reiki and Art are inseparable. She is breathing Reiki when teaching and working with students and clients. Her resources and experiences are immense and she shares her wisdom when teaching classes and supporting her students. Her love for beauty, nature, her family and friends, and community is well expressed through her art making and activism. Nana, you rock! Heidemarie Holmes-Heiss

Nana is an excellent, extraordinary healer and teacher. If 10 stars are the highest rating, I give her a 20! Molly Heron

Nana is my guardian Angel. I hope everyone will have an opportunity to meet her & experience her healing. She is truly a blessing. Devi Andrew

Nana teaches Reiki with humor, expertise, and patience. Highly recommend! – Hunt Parr

Nana Deleplanque is a phenomenal healer and a generous teacher. She is pure love and she is authentic. I have personally experienced her skillful healing on numerous occasions for various ailments – physical, emotional and more. I have called on her to help me, my dog and other loved ones (human and canine) in times of need, times of poor health and in emergencies and she has been there to help. I am fortunate to be her student and I know any healing that my hands provide to animals and people has everything to do with Nana’s teaching and generous sharing of skill, experience, and universal energy on tap. 😉 – Zannah Mass

Nana Deleplanque is the greatest healer I have ever encountered. I truly believe that this is because she is one of the most incredible human beings I have ever encountered. I cannot speak highly enough of her skill as an energy worker or her pureness of heart as a person. She imparts love, compassion, peace and delight to everyone in her presence. She has helped me and my family members immeasurably. Nana is a true blessing. – Erin Sharoni

Nana is authentic, generous, and deeply engaged in her work. I am so glad to have studied both Reiki 1 and 2 with such a warm and creative Reiki Master. She is an artist in every sense of the word. – Susan Kraft

My wish: go there for a weekly session! – Caroline Di Guardo Peccia-Galletto

Thank you so much, Nana! The workshop was such a great experience. I will definitely keep practicing. I gave myself Reiki during class today. 🙂  – Shannon Fitzpatrick

Thank you so much for opening up your practice and teaching me the beginnings of Reiki in our workshop on October 11. Since my first experience with the training I have practiced quite a bit with my children. They are terrific, eager and excited to work with me and help me learn with and through them. I can’t thank you enough for opening up this door to me and introducing a whole new world to me and my three children. – Irrit Dweck

C’était un moment important. Une belle rencontre. Je pratique tous les jours sur moi. Ou plutôt tous les soirs avant de dormir ou lorsque je me réveille la nuit. Et je trouve à chaque fois un sommeil très reparateur. C est un début. J’ai le sentiment de retrouver une énergie que j avais perdue ces derniers mois. Un grand merci encore pour ce partage. – Marité Bouriatchev

My sincerest gratitude for allowing me to participate this past weekend’s Reiki 1workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot through your special teaching method very calming & reassuring for me! – Paul Robinson

Thank you so much for all!! very grateful to have spent the weekend with you. I do feel a real coming home…. your words helped.  today was full of obstacles but i kept hearing you—do your reiki—do your  reiki….   and, i did… – Rena Isbin

Nana is by far the most talented Reiki practitioner I have ever experienced. Her work is powerful and transformative. She helped me through one of my most difficult chapters. She’s a total god send. Do yourself a favor and book a session with her now. – Elizabeth M.

Thank you Nana for a great introduction to Reiki! It was a pleasure to be with all of you, and I look forward to putting Reiki into practice. – Susan H. Baker

Thank you so much.  What you have shared and taught is so valuable to me. – Jodi Panas

Thank YOU for teaching us with such wisdom & sharing your knowledge and experience with Reiki & creating a trusting environment. You are an exceptional teacher & I feel so fortunate to have found you to open the doors into this practice. – Gisela Gampers

Spending the weekend with you was very enlightening, and last night I didn´t feel tired, I felt very energized! Thank you again! – Marta Jasson

The best of the best healers around the world.. – Laur Moore

A respected Reiki Master who demonstrates and instills patience, kindness and care in Reiki practice. Fortunate to have been graced by her teaching. – Martha Manoian

Nana Deleplanque is an amazing healer and teacher! – Tsao Lin Moy

Nana is an incredible healer and teacher. I recommend her highly!! – Melissa Corrales

Merci Nana, j ai beaucoup appris sur moi et sur les autres… Merci aussi pour ta disponibilité, ta gentillesse, ton humour. – Pascale Casalini

Merci Nana pour tous ce que tu m’a apporté et que tu m’apporte encore bisous. – Sandrine Vidoudou

Apprendre le Reiki avec Nana c’est la découverte de soi même, l’ouverture d’esprit, le partage d’énergie, la confiance de soi, le développement des intuitions, l’écoute, l’altruisme, le tout accompagné de la joie de vivre de notre très cher maître de Reiki. Mon premier degré m’a permis de découvrir cette discipline et m’a donné le goût de continuer sur le deuxième degré. Ses séjours en France sont l’occasion de faire des révisions organisées avec d’autres membres de sessions différentes. Aujourd’hui, j’utilise le Reiki a la fois dans ma vie privée et professionnelle. Merci. – Lisa Bajolle

 Merci NANA pour tout .. patience ,compétences ,douceur,formidable. – Yvette Erba

I have the utmost respect for Nana Delaplanque. She truly is the most pure, gifted, intuitive, professional, bright, nurturing, special, effective, and life changing practitioner I have come into contact with. I cannot say enough about Nana and her energy that she brings to people and into this world. My life has changed since going to Nana Delaplanque for Reiki. Having been in her company allows you to make positive shifts in your own life. The other remarkable thing about Nana is that she is so down to earth, funny and humble. She is calming to be around. She is the real deal. – Kimberly Fielding

Thank you for sharing the gift of Reiki with me and the others in the class this weekend.  I find myself walking taller and feeling more aware and thankful.  I did Reiki on myself when I was in bed this morning on my lower abdomen and my heart! – Valerie Devaney

Thank you very much! The class was great! I really walked away feeling so much more confident in my ability to connect to my intuition and to be able to help others and myself with reiki. It was a really great experience and a great group of people! You are a great teacher and person! Looking forward to reiki 2 with you and the rest of the group 🙂 – Maria Saglembeni

Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop. I learned a lot and really appreciate your great teaching. – Mandy Chan

Nana is a remarkable Reiki Master who has helped us both so very much. We love her! – Bill Hampton

Nana is one of the best and gifted Reiki Healer Masters in the NYC area!  I am truly blessed to have her in my life. – Maximilian Imaging

Nana is not only a master at her craft, but a beautiful soul in this world who empowers those around her. I have gone thru my Reki 1 certification and am taking the level 2 in December, and the impact on my life- as one of peaceful service to others, and courage in mine- has been immense. I’m looking forward to learning more, and sharing a space with this lovely heart. – Chelsea B.

Several years ago, I was referred to Nana Deleplanque and the NYC Reiki Institute by a healthcare professional who credited the treatment and help she received from Nana as key in her successful recovery from serious physical and emotional injuries from a traumatic car accident.  As I, too, was going through a very difficult time, I contacted Nana and am so glad I did!  She is such an incredibly special and gifted person who has had such a positive and profound impact on my life, of which I’m so grateful. I can’t recommend her highly enough! – Sally Jefferson

The Reiki 1 training was a profound experience. Thank you. Gray C.

Nana. Thank you for everything! Starting reiki practice with you changed my life and my emotional, mental statement. I appreciate from bottom of my heart for your patience and love for me all years.
I will miss you. Much love. Yukino Ushimaru

I practice reiki every day every day beginning in the morning to the night and you really helped to change my life forever! So happy that our paths crossed! Love Hawley

Thank you so much for today’s clinic experience.  That was a heart’s longing I did not realize I’d had until experiencing it today. To be in a sacred space, working with others like that.  And what a beautiful group of women. Sending lots of love, Carey

Thanks for the amazing session. I fell so much better see you soon, Ivete Machado Martins

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